My Journey in Tech

The Birth of the 'Strategic Generalist'

Looking back, a theme of generalism has always been present in the efforts I pursued. In middle school, I was interested in building online communities around video games. In high school, I worked for a local marketing agency and one of the more successful projects was migrating to Digital Ocean VPS's that I administrated (while also building WordPress sites). It was this early zest for all things technology that would later set the stage for my career.

My first role after college had me contributing wherever I could bring value, from crafting emails with MJML to analyzing user activity in Google Data Studio. This variety in tasks and roles set the stage for my transition into software development, where I embraced the identity of a Strategic Generalist. In this capacity, I've engaged in work ranging from user experience to marketing, and CI/CD to Kubernetes, always aiming to weave together diverse skills to create comprehensive solutions.

Maintaing My Identity as a Strategic Generalist

In my role as a software engineer, every problem is a new puzzle. My approach is to look at challenges from multiple angles, whether it's balancing user needs with technical realities or streamlining a process. Being a Strategic Generalist is about thinking broadly, learning continuously, and connecting different aspects of technology with business needs.

Recent Memories