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Quick Note: This post quickly turned into a notepad for ideas and collaboration with my team members :)

I quickly realized while writing this post that there would be different information available for every challenge and following any kind of pattern would be impossible. Consider this primarily as a notepad of research for my hackathon experience this weekend.

Canon U.S.A. - Canon's Camera Control API Challenge

Description: Thanks to Melika Ozbilgen on and DevPost


  1. Canon Booth by Dante Cantal, George Liu, John Kim, and Peter Ku
  2. Canonifai by Sophia Liu and Team


  1. We could combine with the Amadeus "stress-free" challenge somehow by position camera boothes in airports that tailor the picture to the destination, particularly those that are often delayed. It could also tailor to hotspot destinations like beaches and provide some sort of "postcard" picture to make the user's airport experience happier.

Yubico - Two-Factor, Multi-Factor, or Passwordless Authentication with the YubiKey

Description: Thanks to Ashton Tupper on and DevPost

Examples: Can be seen on

HERE Technologies - Rockstar Routing Challenge



  1. This could be paired with TomTom's food waste challenge in a "route" built connecting possible food vendors/producers expecting food waste with location-aware consumers.

TomTom - Points of Interest Challenge – Connect users with local entrepreneurs to reduce food waste!




  1. "Users" and "local entrepreneurs" can be defined in various ways. One way is to support the local farmers market by connecting users with these vendors. It could include the Amadeus challenge by using their flight/destination data in our connection from consumer to producer.

Amadeus for Developers - Stress-Free Travel Challenge


  • Lots of options to find flights, hotels, destinations, etc.
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