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When team's annual budget was approved I was greeted with a career development trip to Oakland for DeveloperWeek 2020. As exciting as it is, it's also a bit unnerving. This will be my first developer conference outside of North Carolina and my first ever hackathon. That said, I believe I'll bring some frontend/design knowledge to my hackathon team, whoever they may be :)

An Abundance of Learning Opportunities

Obviously I'll be following the JavaScript track as its the most relative to my experience, but I'm equally excited to jump into a number of sessions from other tracks. One of the other tracks I found in my schedule was ProductWorld. ProductWorld features a number of UI/UX dicussions along with insights into team management and collaboration. I hope to walk out of this conference with not only a deeper knowledge of technical execution but also new perspectives on strategy, management, and team collaboration.

My Top 5 Talks

  1. Lessons Learned Porting 100k Lines of Code to Typescript
  2. Save Weeks of Coding: The Strategy, Design and Functional Value of Engineering Blueprints
  3. Porting a JS Library into a React Component
  4. Modern React Design Patterns
  5. Progressive Web Apps Are the Future

A Sneak Peak at the Hackathon

While I'm nervous about the hackathon, I also understand that preparation and planning will push me to bring the value my team deserves. In my next post, I'll outline the known challenges from each sponsor and strategize/brainstorm some solutions.

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