Using Notion as a Website??


An Update in 2022…

I’ve been using a forked version of https://github.com/transitive-bullshit/nextjs-notion-starter-kit for a while now and I have never been happier with my personal website. I start writing ideas left and right - so much so that it may even need its own little graveyard section for the blog ideas I have and never fulfill… However, that’s really the point. Notion is such a flexible platform that I can add, remove, tag, and reorganize to my heart’s content.

I’ve spent far too much time trying to start, build, and perfect my portfolio for years. It seems like every year I spin up a project titles things like portfolio20 and portfolio21 and I never have felt satisfied by my own work. Deciding on a design, adding unique functionality, showoff the latest trends… Yeah - I’ve got a Notion page full of examples and ideas. Maybe I’ll share that in the future.

Content, content, content 👑

One of my biggest hurdles has always been writing content. For whatever reason, trying to lay out content on my own portfolio always proves to be a challenge. Everyone knows that content is king. That is why, I’m focusing on content creation. I’ve been using Notion for some time and it hit me - why am I not using it as a stopgap and a mechanism to write more freely and easily. Not to mention, it looks badass.

It’s not all flowers and roses

I don’t know whether or not it can be crawled by search engines and mobile isn’t very responsive (at least from a few quick tests). When the time comes, I can always export and import my blog posts. Or better yet, I can continue use Notion as a CMS with a Gatsby frontend… 🧐

Enter https://fruitionsite.com

Wow, people are brilliant. This entire experience opened my eyes up to Cloudflare workers and their applications in the modern web. I’ll be doing a deeper dive on that soon enough 🙂

And there’s more?

Yeah, there is… I’ll be moving to this shortly.