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While working on a site recently, I dove headfirst into Sage 9. It was an amazing experience that I'll document later. One trivial note I wanted to enforce in the land of Google and searching for common problems is the fix I found when deploying Sage 9 to WPEngine.

Thanks to the user pi_mont on the Sage 9 forum there is a fairly simple fix that will get your Sage 9 theme working in no time.

The trick is to swap 'compiled' => wp_upload_dir()['basedir'].'/cache', to 'compiled' => '/tmp/sage-cache', like so:


| Compiled View Path
| This option determines where all the compiled Blade templates will be
| stored for your application. Typically, this is within the uploads
| directory. However, as usual, you are free to change this value.

'compiled' => '/tmp/sage-cache',
// 'compiled' => wp_upload_dir()['basedir'].'/cache',
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