React Noob Tries Remix SPA



  1. Define Model for Recipe
  2. Populate 2-5 Recipes in Server
  3. Build Basic UI


Recipe Data Model:

  1. Name - Text
  2. URL - Text
  3. Ingredients - Rich Text
  4. Macros - JSON
  5. Instructions - Rich Text
  6. Author - Text
  7. Slug - Text
  8. Cooking Time - Text

Questions / Answers

Q: Is JSON an okay data structure for now? What will I be missing out on? A: Yeah, it seems like it will be fine - according to this you can sort/filter on the JSON fields: https://github.com/pocketbase/pocketbase/issues/423

Q: What is a Rich Text field in Pocketbase? Does it matter? A: Outputs HTML, used Tailwind Typography/Prose

Q: How are you supposed to submit forms in Remix SPA? A: My code was working, I just completely glossed over this:

FormData is not a plain object but a class instance and every value is hidden

TODO - Next Steps

  1. Auth
  2. Export to Markdown?
  3. CRUD
  4. Does a recipe need to be under an author? /author-slug/recipe-slug?